Project Management

Going online with your business, or restructuring your online presence, can be done in 7 steps. To make the Going Online a smooth experience, all of these steps should be well planned in advance.
We will analyze your case and provide a report. Depending on your situation and needs, only some of the steps below might be necessary.
Nevertheless we would like to give you a full picture representing how your products and services can be translated into business processes and these into IT Systems.

Break down the phases

  1. List where (media) you need to be present
  2. List what (your products or services) you want to present online
  3. Define how (design, colors, fonts) you want to present yourself to outside world
  4. Integrate your online presence with other partner systems and with messaging services
  5. Promote your online presence
  6. Integrate your Online presence with other IT systems
  7. Go mobile

See below the details.

List where (media) you need to be present.

A website is a must requirement to be online and the last of other important choices.

Domain Name Registration
DNS – Domain Management

List what (your products or services) you want to present online.

You might want to present your products or services or both to your present and new potential customers. You might also want to convey other information to your clients and to other audience. All your needs need to be analyzed in detail before thinking at the possible technical solution.
The result of our analysis will result in a concept. The concept will list a series of elements that will result in the set of features associated to your website.
Let’s make an example with your products and services.

Your Products
Your Services
Multilanguage Content?
Once a complete analysis is done then we will be able to propose the best architecture for the needed features.

Define how (design, colors, fonts) you want to present yourself to outside world.

After anaylizing what you want to show to your visitors, we have to define how to presenting.
A good combination of content and form is the condition to convey the information efficiently.
We offer not only IT and Engineering but also design services. This will allow to have am homogeneous layout in all your media.
Choose Netfe and we will design and develop a modern, good looking and functional website. Moreover we will be able to deliver any kind or documentation, client brochures and business cards.
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Integrate your online system/website with others and with messaging services.

This is advanced functionality and not every website or online service needs it. Like all the rest also this part needs to be considered from the beginning.We will list below the most common tasks.

Integration of several websites
Integration with messaging

Promote your online presence.

Generating traffic is one of the most important steps in making yourself known to potential customers. Moreover it is important to attract the users that most probably are interested in purchasing your products and services. There are 2 main processes involved in this phase and are described in the sections below. You will also considering offering ad spaces to others.

Organic Search Optimization
Ad-Hoc Campaigns preparation

Integrate your Online presence with other IT systems.

Often a website is just the top of the iceberg, the part of your system that is visible to the world.

Often your website will be relating to ther systems. Typical case is to connect it to a CRM System, which yould take care of the customer information, such as hitory of purchases. Another possible integration is to the billing system, which takes care of invoicing. If you sell products you should also have an inventory system (stock management), so that your website would know at any one point if articles are ready to delivery or a message (other gateway system) needs to be sent to vendors.

The options for integration are so many that we cannot list all here. We have a broad experience in integrating systems using efficient SOA (System Oriented Architecture) design.
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Go mobile!

Depending on your needs, a mobile presence will be needed. We treat this as a separate chapter from the classic website, because (even) the same person, when accessing the website or the mobile site might have completing different needs and behavior. For this reason a specific analysis needs to be done.
Basically there are 2 options, that we briefly describe in the next sections. You might consider to take the first, the second or both.

Mobile site
Specific iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry Applications

Why Choose Us

      • Fully responsive so your content will always look good on any screen size
      • Awesome sliders give you the opportunity to showcase important content
      • Unlimited color options with a backed color picker, including the gradients
      • Multiple layout options for home pages, portfolio section & blog section
      • We offer free support because we care about your site as much as you do.

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